The Hillsborough, NJ Jr Raiders offers organized youth activities in tackle football, flag football, cheerleading, track & field and girls lacrosse and field hockey.

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Tackle Football Equipment Guide

During equipment distribution each tackle football player receives the following equipment:


  • Helmet
  • Chin-strap
  • Mouthpiece
  • Shoulder-pads
  • Rib-pads
  • Fully Integrated Practice pants (no pads to remove)
  • Fully Integrated Game pants (no pads to remove)
  • Practice Jersey


All the above items, except the mouthpiece, must be maintained and returned clean at the end of the season.


Players are required to provide the following:


  • Athletic supporter (cup)
  • Socks - Hillsborough Jr. Raiders socks are available for purchase
  • Proper footwear - football cleats are recommended, however sneakers or other sport cleats are acceptable.  Metal cleats are NOT allowed.

How to wear the equipment:
Helmet – All (4) buckles of the chin-strap should be placed under the facemask and attached to the (4) buttons on the helmet.  The player should hold the chin strap centered and snug to their chin and the straps should be adjusted accordingly.  Each helmet has multiple spots to add or relieve air pressure.  These adjustment will be made by your teams coach as needed.  After market facemasks, face shields, chin straps, etc. are permitted but MUST meet the helmet manufacturer's requirements.


Mouthpiece needs to be molded following the directions on the packaging.  Players with braces should use a mouthpiece provided by or recommended by your orthodontist.  Loop the mouthpiece through the facemask on the helmet.  Aftermarket mouthpiece's are acceptable however they MUST be attached to the helmet and CANNOT be clear.  Mouthpieces must be used for all practices and during all games.  A child without a mouthpiece may receive a penalty or be removed from the game.


Rib-pads – Rib pads are to be worn over a shirt.  Adjust the rib pads so they cover the ribs.  Use the straps in front to tighten and secure.  Cross the straps if needed.  The rib-pads should be snug, but not tight and should not interfere with breathing or movement.


Shoulder pads – Place on the shoulder pads with the laces in front.  The player can easily pull down the laces and secure with the sliding tightening device or by tying like shoe laces.  Connect straps from the back, under the arm-pits, and clip into the slots in the front.  Players will become accustomed to doing this themselves but will need help in the beginning.  Wear a tee shirt and your rib pads underneath the shoulder pads.  Even in warm weather tee shirts are required.  In cold weather, a long-sleeve tee-shirt, athletic shirt (i.e. Under Armor brand or similar), turtle-neck shirt, or even a snug sweatshirt (without hood) can be worn under the shoulder pads.  A practice jersey has been provided to wear over the shoulder pads.  Aftermarket back plates or other protective equipment is permitted however they MUST meet the shoulder pad manufacturer's requirements.


Pants – You should have two pairs of pants, both are fully integrated (all pads are built into the pants).  The pants are to be washed without ever removing the pads.  The black/white pants are to be worn for practice and the gold pants are to be worn for games.


During the season if any equipment or parts break please let your coach know.  DO NOT allow your child to participate with any broken or missing equipment.


If you have any questions please contact your coach or the equipment manager at


Good luck and enjoy the season!