The Hillsborough, NJ Jr Raiders offers organized youth activities in tackle football, flag football, cheerleading, track & field and girls lacrosse and field hockey.

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7v7 Football Rules

(2020 Season)


Field & Game Set-up

  • Games shall be comprised of (2) 20 minute running time halves with a 5 minute halftime
    • There shall be NO overtime during the regular season
    • Cheerleaders may cheer at halftime so plan accordingly
  • Fields will be 40 yards long with a 10 yard end-zone
    • 6-7-8 teams will play on a standard width field
    • 3-4-5 teams may shorten the field to play sideline to far hash
  • First team listed shall be the visitors and wear their WHITE jerseys; second teams listed shall be home and wear their COLOR jerseys.
  • Teams shall line up on the SAME side of the field
    • HOME (dark jersey) Team shall sit between the 10-20 yard lines
    • AWAY (white jersey) Team shall sit between the 30-40 yard lines
  • Parents and specatators shall sit on the OPPOSITE side of the field from the players


Teams & Season

  • Prior to the season there will be a “practice week” for all registered players
  • After that practice week teams will be formed with the following considerations:
    • Competative balance is of the upmost importance
    • Player/Coach requests will be honored where possible
      • Requests made in an effort to create “super” teams will not be tollerated
    • All teams are to be Coed to the fullest extent possible
  • Althletes will be divided evenly into teams with roughly 10 players per team
  • Regular season will begin the first weekend following Labor Day and will consist of 8 weeks
    • Games will be played on Saturdays & Thursdays at the Triangle Football Complex.
  • Playoffs will be after the regular season
    • All teams will make the playoffs


Player Equipment

  • Each player will be given a reversible game jersey
  • All players MUST wear sneakers or standard athletic cleats (metal cleats are NOT permitted)
  • Players are permitted to wear mouth guards, however due to COVID-19 players are not required to wear mouth guards in 2020
  • Players are permitted to wear gloves, elbow &/or knee pads at their discretion
  • Players are permitted to wear soft helmets at their discretion
    • Standard tackle football helmets are NOT permitted
  • Players MUST remove all jewelry
  • Players are permitted to wear face coverings or masks in 2020


Basic Game Rules

  • Each team shall field (7) players on the field
  • Visiting team shall call the coin toss
    • Winner of the coin toss can elect to kick or receive in the first half
  • At the start of the game, start of the half and at each change in possession the ball will start on the 40 yard line going into the endzone
    • An interception will result in a change of possession and the offense will assume the ball at the 40 yard line going into the endzone
    • If an interception is returned for a touchdown the original offense will retain the ball on the 40 yard line
  • First down can be obtained at the 20 yard line, or by penality
  • Teams have (4) downs to make the line to gain (or score)
  • Teams shall have 30-seconds between plays
  • Teams are allowed (1) timeout per half, the game clock will stop
  • (1) Offensive and (1) Defensive coach will be allowed in the huddle
    • Once the teams come to the LOS the coaches shall leave the field of play
  • Teams are required to play all players the same number of snaps throughout the game
    • Teams are encouraged to utalize at least (1) underclassman at quarterback for a portion of each game


Offense Rules

  • General & Formations
    • Offense shall be comprised of the following positions:
      • (1) - Center
      • (1) - QB
      • (5) – Receivers/ Backs
    • All players (excluding quarterback) are eligible to catch a pass
    • There is NO blocking
    • (3) Players, including the center, must be on the line of scrimmage when the ball is snapped
    • Only 1 player may be in motion prior to the snap of the ball
      • Motion CANNOT be made towards the line of scrimmage
    • Snaps can be shot-gun between the legs or shot-gun side snap
      • Direct snaps under center are not permitted in 2020
    • Once the ball is snapped the QB has (4) seconds to pass or hand-off the ball
      • After (4) seconds the ball is dead on the LOS
    • Once a player is in possession of the ball beyond the LOS all offense players are to remain motionless
      • Picks, screens or blocking is NOT permitted


  • Running:
    • The QB is NOT permitted to run the ball past the line of scrimmage
    • The center is NOT permitted to run the ball
    • The ball may NOT be handed off and then passed
    • The ball may only be handed off ONE time per play from scrimmage
      • Once a runner is past the line of scrimmage the ball cannot be handed off
    • There is a “NO RUNNING ZONE” 5 yards from the end-zone & first down marker
    • Once the ball is handed off all defensive players are eligible to rush
    • Players are NOT permitted to leave their feet (no diving or jumping to avoid a defender)
    • A fumbled ball is dead where the ball is dropped


  • Receiving:
    • All players (excluding quarterback) are eligible to catch a pass
    • A player must have (1) foot in bounds for a legal catch
    • Interceptions are returnable
    • Once a receiver catches the ball they become a runner (see rules above)


Defense Rules

  • General & Formations
    • The defense may play zone or man-to-man defense
  • Blitzing
    • There will be NO blitzing in 2020
  • Dead Balls
    • A play is over when:
      • Ball carrier flag is pulled
      • Ball carrier steps out of bounds
      • Ball carrier falls to the ground
      • Ball carrier knee hits the ground
      • Ball carrier crosses the end zone
      • Ball is fumbled or touches the ground
      • Play reaches 4-seconds and the QB is still in possession of the ball



  • Touchdown – 6 points
  • Extra Points – (ball on the 5 yard line) – 1 point
    • No run plays
  • Extra Points – (ball on the 10 yard line) – 2 points
  • Interception – 3 points
    • No points on an interception of a PAT
  • Interception Returned for a Touchdown – 6 points + 3 points for the interception
  • Turnover on Downs – 2 points



  • Defensive Penalties:


+10 yards

Illegal Rush (Starting rush from inside 7-yard marker)

+ 10 yards from line of scrimmage

Illegal Flag Pull (Before the receiver has the ball)

+ 10 yards from line of scrimmage

Roughing the Passer

+ 10 yards from line of scrimmage


+ 10 yards from line of scrimmage

Defensive Pass Interference

SPOT FOUL, Automatic First Down


+ 10 yards from line of scrimmage

Unnecessary Roughness/Tackling

SPOT FOUL + 10 yards & Automatic First Down


  • Offensive Penalties:

Offside / False Start

- 10 yards from line of scrimmage

Illegal Forward Pass

- 10 yards from line of scrimmage

Offensive Pass Interference

- 10 yards from line of scrimmage & Loss of Down

Illegal Motion (More than one person moving)

- 10 yards from line of scrimmage

Delay of Game

- 10 yards from line of scrimmage

Flag Guarding & Untucked Jersey

-10 yards from line of scrimmage

Unnecessary Roughness/Illegal Blocking

SPOT FOUL, -10 yards & Loss of Down