The Hillsborough, NJ Jr Raiders offers organized youth activities in tackle football, flag football, cheerleading, track & field and girls lacrosse and field hockey.

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Woodfield Park Mr C East Minis & 2/4 Field Setup & Work Bond Duties

Yellow Field is the Primary Field/ Red Field is for the second game only

Work Bond hours must be worked. If there is inclement weather you will need to sign up for another work hour that is available. We have many openings during the season for everyone.  


Job #1 Clock-Operator/Scorekeeper (bring your own chair): 

  • You will keep time by pressing start and stop on a kitchen timer and keep score by flipping a scoreboard
  • Confirm with coaches and referee how time will be managed for the game (ie, 10 minute quarters; 20 minute halves, etc) and what their expectations are for communicating remaining and end of time.
  • Sit at mid-field table on player side (50 yard line).


Job #2 Field Setup: 

  • Get player benches (two per field), scorekeeper table (use the hard, black tables), scoreboard and timer from the blue deck box under the tree near the parking lot. See diagram on Jr Raiders Field Hockey Page>Minis-2/4 Field Setup/Work Bond for instructions.
  • Place small collapsable goals at each end of the field. (located in black coaches box).
  • Set up benches & scorekeeper table with scoreboard & timer as per diagram above (coaches will open blue deck box near parking lot for you).


Job #3 Field Breakdown: 

  • Will pick up any balls or equipment that has been left on the field.
  • Will put benches, table, clock and scoreboard in blue deck box.  Ensure with coach(es) that deck box(es) are secured with lock.
  • Ensure that our fields are clean of trash after the game.


Job #4 Bring Ice to Game:

  • You will bring a small cooler of ice and ziplock bags to your child's game field for injuries.  Please deliver it to the coaches at the player's bench for the duration of the event.
  • You must also take it with you at the end of the game. 


Thanks for helping to make this program great!!