The Hillsborough, NJ Jr Raiders offers organized youth activities in tackle football, flag football, cheerleading, track & field and girls lacrosse and field hockey.

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1) Parent/Player Pledge

2) Emergency Action Plan:

3) Injury Action Plan:

“When in doubt – sit them out”

  • There will be a Red Cross certified first aid responder at each Weekday & Weekend Lacrosse Clinic, Practice & Game
  • Jr Raiders Field Hockey will have a list of current first aid personnel posted on the> Lacrosse Page

Coaches and timekeeper/scoreboard parents will be aware of who the first aid responders are on the field that day.

  • When a player is down, the first aid responders will come to the players aid as well as the coach.
  • The first aid responder will determine if a player will return to the game or not. They will discuss with parents the situation and recommendation(s) necessary. 
  • If the first aid responder recommends a visit to hospital and parents refuse, then parents will need to sign treatment refusal waiver the first aid responders will provide them before they will release athlete.
  • If no parent is available or parent refuses to sign waiver & it is necessary for the player to receive medical attention, the first aid responder must call 911
  • a) Woodfield Park Mr C East Field at the corner of Marshall and Amwell Roads) to have an ambulance transport the player to the hospital. 
  • b) Triangle Complex at the corner of Triangle Road and Stockton Road in Hillsborough, NJ The child is on field (Stadium, 1,or 3).” 

If an injury occurs, the following should be done:

  1. Check Player for type of injury.
  2. Stay with athlete and have someone get the trainer.  Levels of person sought to respond to injured field hockey player is as follows:  1st first aid responders and 2nd Coach.
  3. You MUST assign an assistant coach to stay with athlete that is being evaluated by the first aid responder.
  4. Do NOT attempt to move the child until the location of the injury is known.
  5. Call 911 (Woodfield Park Mr C East Field at the corner of Marshall and Amwell Road) if an athlete is: (see emergency action plan)
  1. not breathing (CPR must be administered immediately & AED brought to players side)
  2. lost consciousness
  4. Open fracture or clearly fractured bone (bone has punctured through the skin or it is clear there is a break)
  5. Concussion Checks: If concussion is suspected, seek medical attention immediately and notify your first aid responder.  If injury was a forceful bump, blow, or jolt to the head or body that results in rapid movement to the head, the child should repeatedly be checked for signs of concussion and you must give child’s parent “Heads up fact sheet for parents” to check for symptoms up to 72hrs following incident. Send email to the HJR trainer/first aid coordinator at with player’s info.
  6. severe heat exhaustion or suspected heat stroke
  7. severe bleeding that cannot be stopped.
  1. When the parent arrives to the field, have the first aid responder or coach who evaluated child explain the location and severity of the injury and any suggested follow-ups. Responding first aid or Coach must complete the accident form immediately following incident and return to   Follow up with parent within 24hrs and update incident report.
  2. Once the child is on the sidelines, ensure a first aid responder or a coach is with the child until they are released to the child’s parent.
  3. Doctor’s Notes for Clearance to Play: If the child is diagnosed with a concussion the child MUST not return without written consent from physician. If allowed to return on limited basis, consent with limitations must be obtained from physician. Player will not be allowed to participate in any activities without such consent and it must be submitted to   and cleared by FH Director prior to players return.

4) Concussion Information: