The Hillsborough, NJ Jr Raiders offers organized youth activities in tackle football, flag football, cheerleading, track & field and girls lacrosse and field hockey.

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Work Bond Duties (4 Hours of Work Bond is Required)

All of these jobs are REALLY easy!

  • Clock-Operator (bring your own chair) 

Keep time for game. You will be pressing start and stop on a kitchen timer. The refs will guide you with this.

Will work alongside scorekeeper at mid-field table.                              

Keep Score and Alternate Possession

Put table and score board away in the field house at the end of  the game.

For 5/6 & 7/8: Responsible for running electronic scoreboard and clock on stadium field.  


  • Score-Keeper (bring your own chair)

3/4: You will flip the scoreboard from one number to the next when a team scores  THE COACHES AND REFS WILL GUIDE YOU WITH THIS

Will work alongside clock-operator to keep score for both teams.               


  • Field Setup  

3/4 Field Setup: Responsible to set up Goals, Score Table, Clock, Scoreboard, and End Line Cones for 3rd/4th Grade Field

5/6 & 7/8 Stadium Field Setup: Responsible to set up Goals, Table, End line Cones, Scoreboard/Clock for Stadium Field.


  • Sideline Manager

Sideline Manager Responsibilities: 

1. Attend coin toss with team before the game.

2. Monitor spectator sideline to maintain a positive and sportsmanlike environment.

3. Report any inappropriate behavior to Jr Raiders Lacrosse Directors Peter Bakaletz, Samantha Hand

Responsible to ensure that all Hillsborough fans are displaying appropriate sideline conduct.  This means all Hillsborough fans in attendance should be adhering to the Jr Raiders Parent/Player participant pledge. Please report to the coach upon arrival and communicate any issues that arise directly to Peter Bakaletz or Samantha Hand.


  • Field Breakdown

3/4 Responsible to put away Goals, Scoreboard, Table, Clock, End Line cones. Ensure all trash on the field is put in its proper receptacle.

5/6 & 7/8 Responsible to put away Goals, Table, End line Cones, and ensure all trash is in the proper receptacle for Stadium Field.‚Äč


  • Trainer          

         Trainer will bring a cooler of ice and baggies for injuries.     

Must be a designated Jr Raiders First Aid Responder.  If you would like to become a trainer, please contact Ronn Seamon with Jr Raiders. 

Trainers: Red AED bag in Black Job Box on field next to parking lot. Ice Parent is assigned at each game. First aid kit is in the Job Box as well as with each coaching team. 


  • Apparel Sales & Uniform Handout:

                               > Will be instructed by Barb Dul/Jeannine Bugal- Apparel Parent

                                  Will be given a price sheet and square app to sell apparel and accessories (socks, headbands, goggle straps)

Thanks for helping to make this program great!!


Thanks for helping to make this program great!!