The Hillsborough, NJ Jr Raiders offers organized youth activities in tackle football, flag football, cheerleading, track & field and girls lacrosse and field hockey.

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Results are posted on the website and also will be available in the documents section for track.


Order of events will be in the document section of Track for those who want an advance copy.


Below is the information for the track meet and following is the instructions to the site. You are responsible for paying on the site.

To register at use the following login:

username: hjrtrack

password: trackmeet




Sunday, May 22, 2016 – 11:30AM

North Hunterdon HS Singley Field (1445 Route 31 South, Annandale, NJ 08801)

B = Bantam (born ’06 ‐‘07); M = Midget (born ’04 ‐ ‘05); Y = Youth and Intermediate (born ’01 ‐ ‘03);   

Bantam and Midget athletes are limited to a maximum of three (3) events.  Youth athletes are limited to a maximum of four (4) events.  There is only one (1) Sub‐Bantam (born ’06 or earlier) event. 

Track – Order of Events – First Event at 11:30 AM; First Call at 11:15 AM

  • 1500 Meters ‐ RACE‐WALK Finals (B/M/Y); Places on time, by age category
  • 80 Meter Hurdles ‐ Finals (Boys M followed by Girls M); Places on time
  • 100 Meter Hurdles ‐ Finals (Girls Y followed by Boys Y); Places on time
  • 200 Meters ‐ Finals (Boys B/M/Y followed by Girls B/M/Y); Places on time  800 Meters ‐ Finals (Boys B/M/Y followed by Girls B/M/Y); Places on time
  • 100 Meters ‐ Semi‐finals (Boys B/M/Y followed by Girls B/M/Y)
  • 100 Meters ‐ Finals  SUB‐BANTAM ONLY (Boys followed by Girls); Places on time
  • 100 Meters ‐ Finals (Boys B/M/Y followed by Girls B/M/Y)
  • 1500 Meters ‐ Finals (Boys B/M/Y followed by Girls B/M/Y); Places on time
  • 400 Meters ‐  Finals (Boys B/M/Y followed by Girls B/M/Y); Places on time


Field – Order of Events – First Event at 11:30 AM; First Call at 11:15 AM

  • Long Jump ‐ Girls B/M/Y; High Jump ‐ Boys M/Y; Javelin ‐ Boys and Girls B/M/Y  When completed, will be followed by 
  • Long Jump ‐ Boys B/M/Y; High Jump ‐ Girls M/Y; Shot Put ‐ Boys and Girls M/Y



  1. This is a USATF‐sanctioned event.  Fully Automatic Timing will be utilized and administered by a professional timing company. 
  2. Registration is online at  The link says “Fourth Annual Skylands Conference Championships”.  Registration closes at 10:00 PM on May 15th, 2016.  Results will be available online at coacho within 24 hrs after the end of the meet.
  3. The entry fee is $7.00 per event.  All fees are non‐refundable.  Meet will be held rain or shine. 
  4. Bantam and Midget athletes are limited to a maximum of three (3) events of any type.  Youth athletes are limited to a maximum of four (4) events of any type. 
  5. Medals will be awarded for first (1st) through third (3rd) places.
  6. There may be only TWO jumps/throws allowed, based on the number of competitors.  Further, age groups and/or genders may be combined in some events. 
  7. In the event of a timing conflict between participation in a Field Event vs. a Running Event, ALWAYS go to your running event after informing the Field Event official. You can always go back and do the field event; you will not always be able to go back and do the running event. 
  8. Please, parents and athletes, know the schedule, and please listen to the announcer for the call to your events!
  9. The NHHS Booster Club Snack Shack will be open with an assortment of food, drinks, and snacks. Please let your club members know. Thanks! 

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- instructions, follow carefully:

The Third Annual Skylands Conference Championships will utilize fully automatic timing (FAT).  To enable effective use of FAT, registrations for that meet will be online only – at  Step‐by‐step registration instructions are below and there are tutorials at the CoachO web site.  You will need to have a club/coach account at CoachO before you can register for the meet.  If you don’t have a club/coach account at CoachO, step‐by‐step instructions for setting up the account are below, in addition to tutorials at the CoachO web site.  All of this may seem daunting, but it really is not.  We are familiar with the process and familiar with CoachO, and we would gladly help you work through it.  We will even upload your roster for you to your account, after which you would just have to click on each athlete’s name and click on the events that athlete is participating in.  Just let us know what help you need.

Since your USATF Association meets will utilize CoachO, going through this process for this meet puts you a step ahead for the Association meets.  Coach Carlton Blake of our Club is making himself available for your e‐mails and calls to help you through the process.  His mobile phone number is 732‐261‐4711 and he will answer all day and up to 10:00 PM at nights.  CoachO is also VERY responsive, but you might want to call Coach Blake first.

Instructions follow.

Registration Instructions

1.Follow link provided in the e‐mail, which is:, and log in.  If the link works fine, skip to step 7; if you have problems, follow steps 2 through 6.

2.Point your browser to

3.Click on “ON‐LINE REGISTRATION”, which is a red box in the middle of the page

4.Click the “Enter a Meet” link (first underlined choice).

5.Scroll down to May 17 and click the link for our event, which is “Third Annual Skylands Conference Championships”

6.Click “Enter the Meet”, which is the first blue box, top left

7.Fill in your username and password and then click “Log In”.  you will need to set one up.  Follow the Account Set‐up Instructions below and/or (or use a tutorial on CoachO) before proceeding to step #7.  Otherwise, if you already have a CoachO account, log in and proceed to Step #7.  

8.You will see a page with the list of invited teams.  Click the little circle in the leftmost column that corresponds to your team name, then the “Next>>” button (blue box)

9.This will take you to your roster, from where you select athletes and enter them in events.  If you don’t already have your roster up on CoachO, follow instructions starting at paragraph c) below in “Account Set‐up Instructions”.


Account Set‐up Instructions

a)Fill out the requested information to create your CoachO account.  The items with asterisks are required.  Click “Create Account” at the bottom of the page.

b)You will then be prompted to Create a Team.  Click “Create a Team”. Name your team and fill out the rest of the information.  Then click “Add” to finish adding your team.

c)You will then need to add athletes to your roster.  You can add them one by one, manually, ”.  However, it will require some preparation.  You will be able to upload a .csv file (an Excel file that is saved as a .csv file) with your roster. 

(The .csv upload is quick and easy, but you have to follow coacho’s template strictly, including *formatting* for the various fields.  On the “Import Athletes” page there is a text box with the word “REFERENCES” in blue.  Click the line right below the word for the template and instructions.  When you download the template, it will also have notes on it to guide you as to the required format for the data in your .csv file.)  

  • Note: For our meet, you only have to have gender, first name, last name and date of birth (dd/mm/yy format) in your .csv file.  You can leave all other columns blank.
  • Another Note: When you save your .csv file, do not have any spaces or punctuation or special characters in the file name.  For example, you could save

“rosterforupload.csv” but not “roster for upload.csv” or “roster‐for upload.csv”.

d)When your upload file is ready, from that same page, select from the dropdown box that says “—Select Import Format—“ the option for “Coach O Export.csv”.  Click the “Choose File” button below it and choose the .csv file you had saved on your computer with your roster.

e)Click “Import”.  It will bring in all your athletes in a list and ask you to choose the athletes you want to import.  You will likely want all, so choose “Select All”.  It will then list all your athletes.

f)Click the “MyHome” link right below the CoachO logo, top left of the page.  Click the link for our meet in the first box under “Meets We Are Entering”.  It takes you back to the Meet page.

g)Click “Enter the Meet”, which is the first blue box, top left

h)Continue from Step #7 in the Registration Instructions, above.