The Hillsborough, NJ Jr Raiders offers organized youth activities in tackle football, flag football, cheerleading, track & field and girls lacrosse and field hockey.

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Princeton Athletic Club

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                                                             Spring Track Events Crew Notes               April 6, 2016

                                                                           Wednesday, May 25                   Wednesdays, June 8, 15, 29

                       Online registration –

Event crew for May 25 and June track series – help at one meet, get a free entry (transferable to anybody) for next meet.

Club plan for track series – contact for additional details.

Help at one meet, get discounted entries for your athletes at the same meet.

Sign up at least TWO crew, all age 18+.

At least one of these crew must be able to help with shot put (stand in the sector to mark).

Remit $10 per athlete entry, up to four per crew person signed up.

Receive registration discount codes and register your athletes online.

You register crew early.  You send in the money early. 

You may sign up your athletes early or any time up to about a week before the meet (You must sign up athletes online, not at the meet.)

  1. crew = max  8  athletes discount entry =   $80
  2. crew = max 12 athletes discount entry = $120
  3. crew = max 16 athletes discount entry = $160

We expect all participants at our community track events to be generally helpful.  It doesn't work any other way. We need some people to be part of the crew and pay attention to the functioning of the meet.  Those signing up as crew should not expect to compete on the same day.  Signing up for crew is always free.

For athletes – entry fees are $15 till ten days prior, then $20 online.  Day-of entry is $25.

May 25 Princeton Community Mile, one fee for the individual mile, one fee per relay team.

June 8, 15, 22 Twilight All-Comer Track and Field, one fee per person for each meet, pick any events.

We expect crew to show up at 5:20 PM for the May 25 event and 5:10 PM for the June events.  All are at Princeton High School.  Expect the meet to last approximately 3 hours.  It must be finished by dark.

*** Sign up in advance, show up on time.  Very simple.  It's fun, social experience for the crew.  *** Most crew roles are easy enough for walk-ins.  Most crew roles can be done by anyone high school age and up. We provide simple instructions.

We expect crew will pay attention to the task at hand.  Crew should not expect to be simultaneously available to shepherd their children.  If your children want to compete, consider being on the crew on a different evening.  We make very limited exceptions for people with master level officiating credentials or similar – and these people are not in walk-in type roles.

Meet management may reject a crew sign-up.